Shakti Peeth (Hridaya Peetha)

पूर्वोत्तरे प्रज्वलिकानिधाने, सदावसन्तं गिरिजासमेतं ।
सुरासुराराधित्पाद्य्पद्मं श्री बैद्यनाथं तमहं नमामि ।।

Shakti Peetha - Hridaya Peetha

Jai Durga Shakti Peeth is located at Chitabhumi, the ancient name of present day Baidyanath Dham.

It is said that while lord Shiva was wandering in the universe with the body of Sati, heart of Sati had fallen at this place. That time, lord Shiva performed the cremation here. Hence, this place is called Chita Bhumi.

Shakti Peeth  Temple at Baidyanath is the place where Sati’s Heart had fallen. Since the heart of Sati fell here, the place is also known as Hridaya Peeth. Baidyanath Shakti Peeth is the not just a Shakti Peeth, but also, an auspicious place where a person gets relieved from all diseases. It is believed that the person who visits this place, gets cured from all sorts of disease, and all kinds of sins. Bad or negative thoughts are removed from a person’s mind. The individual attains a higher level of Spiritual consciousness. Hence, it is called Baidyanath.

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