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The importance of Bilwapatra

(Leaves of wood apple tree)

Lord Shiva has three eyes - Mother Parvati, Lord Kartik and Ganesh. Lord Shiva is also called Mahadeva, the god of gods and his three eyes- Trinetra are his identification.

Three eyes, three virtues, three truths, three swords of the Trident (Trishul) and three leaves (Bilwaptra) are very dear to Shiva. Lord Shiva becomes pleased if one offers Ganga water with Bilwapatra.

Tridalam Trigunakar Trinetram Cha Tridhayutam.
Trijanma pap samhar Bilwapatram Shivarpadham.

The person who offers Bilwapatra to Baba Baidyanath gets rid of his sins and obtains a place in heaven.


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